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Learn How To Drive: Increasing your Survival Rate in the UK

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on Learn How To Drive: Increasing your Survival Rate in the UK

In most countries, driving is an optional skill or something that you can either choose or not choose to learn. If you are a new migrant in the UK though, whether you are finding your ground in the busy streets of London or in the cool countryside, being able to drive yourself will always come as a life saver. There are many reasons and facts to support this and one of them is that the UK has a culture that cultivates autonomy. Being able to do things without needing the help of anyone else is viewed positively.

The UK is home to many cultures from across Europe and other parts of the world. It is one of the most common destinations for people who would love start practicing their careers or those who simply wants to explore what it is that they truly want. London provides many options for people who like to learn being home to many respected institutions of learning. People flock to London, making it a multicultural blend of tradition and modern ways.

The UK has one of the world’s best public transportation, according to Business Insider, which is the reason why many people use it every day to travel from home to work. For this very reason the subways can get easily crowded and sometimes on a bad weather the delays can be extremely excruciating. On a cold winter day the fastest way to get to work might be through a private vehicle and though people in the UK can be kind to give you a ride being too dependent on favors from others all the time is not very much appreciated. You should always try to be able to help yourself whenever possible.

Especially if you are in the countryside the easiest way to travel from home to work would be to drive yourself. It is a lot safer and a lot more convenient rather than having to wait for the bus which sometimes comes late in the evening. Being able to drive around without the hassle of waiting, will enable you to become more productive.

The UK countryside is also home to amazing structures and tourist destinations. It would be easier for you to reach these places and have a little more time to enjoy if you are able to navigate through the area on your own. So if you are not doing anything on the weekend and you are able to drive you can take a quick trip to local tourist spots and attractions near you. People in the UK also love to invite people to their homes for a weekend tea party or a nice dinner to celebrate some things and it would be much easier for you to attend to these invitations if you are a skilled driver.

Driving is an additional skill that comes in handy on a job resume but if you are in the UK, it also does a lot of difference in making that personal aspect of your life much enjoyable.

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Learning How to Drive in the UK

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on Learning How to Drive in the UK

So you may have been living in London or in any part of the UK for a few months now. You can now call yourself a survivor who has been through the worst part of the adjustment phase that you need to get through. There is one thing though that you have not achieved yet which will greatly impact the level of convenience when living in the UK. Four or six months through your life in the UK, it should now be time to focus on getting yourself a UK driver’s license. The UK honors international driver’s license provided and issued by certifying bodies with similar or higher standards.

Learning how to drive in the UK and eventually getting a driver’s license can take a long road. This is because he British government takes these matters seriously. Anything that has an impact to public safety is always bombarded with many rules, regulations and standards that must be observed, adhered to and met. Here’s how you can start working on your license.

Improve your Communication Skills

If you want to learn how to drive in the UK through a driving school, the lessons will be delivered in British English. If your communication skills are not as good then you will surely have a difficulty in learning the lessons and this will cause a lot of delay. Familiarize yourself as well with some terminologies in driving and some idioms and slangs that British people use for driving. Bridging the language barrier first will ensure that you are at your best to learn.

Select an Accredited Driving School

When looking for a school where you can learn how to drive, look for one that is accredited by the authorities. This will definitely cut down the processing time of securing the requirements and the required skills to get a license because the people that you are dealing with are very familiar with these items. Going to a reputable institution to learn will also ensure that the quality of information you received is always at its best.

Lead your Own Learning

People in the UK value independence. Learning a new skill in this country build on autonomy means you should direct your own learning process and take more control. This means you need to find time to practice and coordinate with your instructors. This also means that you need to take more responsibility in your own learning by doing your research on certain topics or gathering questions that you can ask your instructor on your next session.

Avoid Drinking

The UK has strict rules on drunk driving. Though you are not officially driving yet, avoid being drunk, smelling drunk or looking drunk during your training and demo sessions. The instructors perception of your capability and your ability to control yourself in this aspect is taken into consideration for issuance of driver’s licenses.

There are many things to consider when learning how to drive in the UK that sometimes it can be difficult to identify where and how to start. Use the tips above to steer you on the right path to getting you driver’s license in the UK.

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Why is it challenging to learn how to drive in the UK than Anywhere Else?

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on Why is it challenging to learn how to drive in the UK than Anywhere Else?

Recently the UK culture has been put on the spotlight for complaints of the weather being too warm or too cold. Even among Europeans and people who speak the same language, differences in terms of culture and way of life can easily be drawn. There are a lot of reasons why this exists and the very basic truth behind it is that everyone is made unique and different. There are many instances that people in the UK could be understood if you look without researching the cultural implications behind daily practices that you have been witnessing.

The UK is a molding pot of many cultures as it welcomes migration from all locations of the world. It is regarded as the seat of modern rule and a leader and global power in terms of economy and influence. The buzzling city of London has been a European icon of power and served as a meeting point for many migrants trying to find opportunities within the city.

With the strong contrast of rich history and the coming of different other cultures bringing in new practices and beliefs, along with the continued modernization of civilizations with each discovery and new technology being introduced year after year, the UK has become a challenging environment for young professionals.

Learning how to drive in the UK is as difficult as trying to land your first job out of college. There are many things that you need to comply with as part of the legal requirements just to be granted permission to train and practice. Health checks must be undergone to ensure that you are physically and mentally fit to hold your own wheels and hit the road.

The certification process of getting a license and learning how to drive in the UK is not a walk in the park as well. Strict rules and guidelines are followed and adhered to. The rating scales used are objective and the student driver is being assessed in all aspects of driving and road etiquette. The psychological examinations could go into detailing your potential to be an aggressive driver and this can reduce your chances of getting approved for a driver’s license.

In other countries, you can learn how to drive with a private individual who can teach you stuff from turning the switch on to mastering the art of parallel parking. In the UK however this is hardly an option. The reason is most private individuals will not have the luxury of time to go through everything with you and learning the skill can take a huge amount of time. This is why new drivers who want to learn and be certified often seek help from driving schools where professional driving instructors can allot the much needed time to work with your learning curve.

It is easy to forget that driving is a skill that needs to be learned seriously. It is a skill that if not harnessed well can lead to serious physical injuries to yourself and others.

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